Chef Whites are a SNAP With Clement Design!

Did you notice that most of our chef coats have HIDDEN SNAPS instead of bulky buttons?  

Our Chef Jackets are much more streamlined!   For, example, here is one of our most popular and comfortable Men's Chef Coats, the C-One.   It maintains that sleek look with the hidden snaps. 


And several chef jackets have a ZIPPER enclosure.      

The Kosmic

and popular urban looking Factory Chef Jacket have zippers. 

Even the flattering women’s chef coat, the Sugar, has a hidden zipper on the side  for ease of putting on. 

These are just a few of our Chef Coats with hidden snaps and zippers.  Shop our full line at and ENJOY FREE SHIPPING for a limited time from NOW until Christmas-12/25/17!

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