Chef Coat Designs from the Cote D’Azur, FRANCE

There is a reason why DESIGN is in our brand name, Clement DESIGN. 

These aren’t just any Chef Jackets, they are designer Chef Jackets.

At Clement Design’s headquarters in Nice, France,

Style  and Design are key, as French fashion designers work with renowned French Chefs

to come up with chef apparel that is both elegant  yet cutting edge, professional and practical,

working well in the most demanding kitchens.

Clement Design USA owner, Didier Villard, is pictured below with Clement Design owner/founder Thierry Bouville.

The Clement portion of the brand name is named after the Thierry’s young son, Clement. 

Location:  It’s easy to see where they get their inspiration- even in the winter, Nice is spectacular, as you can see in the photos below.  

Interestingly, the beach is not sand, but rocks.

Nice has a great public bike system and charming cobblestone narrow roads.

Clement Design has a Boutique Store front at the main offices in Nice, as well as one in Paris, with Distributors around the world.

DESIGN and Function is the heartbeat of Clement Design Chef Apparel.