How did Mirazur become the 'World's Best Restaurant'?

Mirazur, the 3-star Michelin restaurant in Menton, France was voted the best restaurant in the world in 2019 by The World's 50 Best Restuarants™. With over 15 million restaurants worldwide, how did Mirazur achieve the top spot?

This crowning achievement is a result of the hard work chef-owner Mauro Colagreco and his amazing team have cultivated over the last 14 years. Argentinian chef Colagreco opened Mirazur in 2006 with only 3 employees when he was just 29 years old, achieving his first Michelin star in just under a year. Eventually, Colagreco became the first chef born outside of France to achieve three stars in the French edition of the Michelin Guide.

Mauro Colagreco wearing Clement Design USA FORZA chef jacket 

Colagreco began his career in Argentina at a young age but his most valuable lessons were gained alongside Bernard Loiseau, Alain Passard, and Alain Ducasse. Mauro spent one of his final years’ training at Le Grand Véfour in Paris, France before establishing Mirazur.

Set on a cliff and overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean, Mirazur surrounds itself with their gardens offering dozens of types of herbs, vegetables, fruits, citrus trees, and more that end up on your table, in some cases just minutes after being harvested. The garden is also home to chickens that provide eggs, and beehives for honey.


When you step inside Mirazur you'll see an open kitchen sits upon the lowest of three floors. Alongside is a lounge and a reception area which proudly displays Mirazur’s many accolades. On the second floor lies the star of the show, the dining room. Wood accents embrace Mirazur’s ‘natural world’ ideology accompanied by over 14 nationalities represented among the now 50-person staff. If you think you may get tired of the food after a few visits you'd be wrong; Mirazur’s menu changes every single day. 

It is of course Colagreco’s inventive, and creative cooking style that has taken Mirazur to great heights. According to Colagreco while crafting his menu he creates his cuisine with sans borders and frontiers in mind. Colagreco has access to and utilizes the very best products of both sea and land while his gardens surrounding Mirazur serve as a source of pride and largely provide the ingredients he uses. His dishes are primarily dominated by bitter and acidic taste and enhanced with flowers and herbs.

Mauro will visit the local Port each morning to purchase fresh fish for the day. Mauro noted that “if Lionel (the fisherman) does not fish, there is no fish at the restaurant. We will serve meat, vegetables, other things. They will be served at noon in the restaurant, so the fish goes directly from sea to the pan.”

"We are extremely lucky to discover things on our travels, because food opens every door. If you ask me what is the world language today, it isn't English -- it's food."

Although a unique menu is crafted each morning there are, however, a handful of dishes which remain more or less constant at Mirazur. For instance, the “sharing bread”. A round six-piece bread infused with ginger and served alongside a Pablo Neruda poem.

Bread, you rise from flour, water and fire. Dense or light, flattened or round, you duplicate the mother’s rounded womb. How simple you are, bread, and how profound! You are mankind’s energy, a miracle often admired, the will to live itself

The earth, beauty and love, all tastes like bread.

Everything exists to be shared, to be freely given, to multiply…. Then, life itself, will have the shape of bread, deep and simple, immeasurable and pure.” - Pablo Nerudo

You can expect your visit to Mirazur to be unique every time you step foot in the restaurant.

What was once fueled solely by a young chef’s passion and only 25,000 euros has become world-renowned. Mauro Colagreco took a bet on his talent and his perseverance and skill inevitably paid off.

“My expectations of myself are bigger than the expectations of the people,” he shares. “This is why I always take the risk in my life. I believe in challenges.”

Colagreco’s story is an inspiring example of struggle, survival and ultimately success which is now adorned by 3 Michelin stars and the ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ rank. As a result of his success, Colagreco has since opened eight other successful restaurants located across China, Argentina, France, and even one here in the United States.

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