"Why I wear all white in the kitchen..."


A recent Instagram post we loved and fully agreed with, by Chef Becky Reams @foodiephotog @bangbangbrunch  www.bangbangbrunch.com

"I regularly get asked by my guests or clients, why I wear all white in the kitchen. To most, it seems like an accident waiting to happen, and I can fully understand that perception. 
However, the reason is my desire for people to see how dedicated I am to my craft and also to my diners-- it's an honor to do what I love and for others to entrust me to prepare them a meal."    

"The other part of this is the aspect of getting messy-- I've trained and prepared and studied and am not afraid of making a mess, because I very intentionally do not make messes. If you work in a mess, you produce a mess. If you look unkempt, your food will reflect that. In a way, my wearing white is a promise to you, that my dedication to preparing you artful delicious food is not something I take lightly. .
It's also a nod to the many chefs before me, that arduously trained, honed their skills and created an aura of professionalism and respect that goes along with this coat. I respect the craft and therefore I will always dress for the occasion and honor those that share this profession with me."

photo credit @breemccoolphoto (of photo in blue apron)

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