May 2019 Featured Chef: Jade Saducas

May 01, 2019 7 min read


Clement Design® is known around the globe in the chef industry. We not only take pride in providing premium quality chef jackets, but also in the chefs who wear our amazing brand. From outfitting executive & pastry chefs to high-end restaurants, resorts & clubs nationwide, we love to see success stories from our Clement Design USA chefs and businesses.

Jade Saducas is currently the Pastry Chef of Madinat Jumeirah’s Conference Center and Jumeirah Hospitality. For the last 5 years Jade has been the Resort Cake Artist where she received numerous accolades which includes the Cake Designer World Champion 2017, Caterer Pastry Chef of the Year 2018, ProChef Specialty Pastry Chef of the Year 2017 and a Germany Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist 2016.

Jade joined Madinat Jumeirah in 2013 as Resort Cake Artist. She oversees the Wedding Cakes, Customized Cakes and special cakes across the resort – from Jumeirah Al Qasr, Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam – as well as the Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf and Malakiya villas, and the latest addition to the Jumeirah family, Jumeirah Al Naseem. She is responsible also for Jumeirah Hospitality, Jumeirah Restaurant Groups and most especially for the Conference Center and Jumeirah Hospitality, in catering to all their special cake needs.

Born and raised in Philippines, Jade is an inborn Artist. Not only a highly skilled and passionate Cake Artist and Pastry Chef but Jade has a Bachelor of Science Degree major in Accountancy. She used to be in the corporate world, spreading her wings as a Senior Financial Analyst, Sales and Marketing Analyst, Publishing Brand Manager and Financial Consultant. She studied Search Engine Optimization to enhance her online marketing skills and google analytics. Jade is an award winning Photographer as well as a talented painter.

She gained her Cake Artist skills through years of experience and studies. Known as Cebu’s Cake Princess, Jade was a sought after Cake Artist in Cebu as she was the first to introduce customized cakes in her City. Her works were published online and on newspapers and she was featured on TV several times. Her creative naughty cakes were a major hit all over Philippines.

Jade gained her Cake and Pastry experience though different schools. She started her Wilton Skills Diploma in Cebu Culinary Centre and took Masters Degree in Cake decorating at School of Cake Decorating and Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts. She got her PME Professional Diploma at the International
Centre for Culinary Arts. Jade was trained at the Academy of Pastry Arts - Malaysia by some well known, award winning and MOF Chefs around the world on areas such as Entremets and Petite Gateaux, Plated Desserts, Pralines, Ice Creams, Sugar Showpiece, and Chocolate Showpiece. Her mentors are MOF Jean Francois Arnaud, Roy Zhang, Ewald Notter, Christophe Morel, MOF Roland Del Monte, Fredric Moreau and MOF Stephane Treand. She had her trainings in Bread too and is currently working on expanding her bread skills. If there’s one line that Jade would like to describe her world, it is “Don’t let others discourage you, keep on fighting for your dreams”.

After several years of spreading her wings in her own country, Jade took the risk of joining Atlantis Hotel to start up the cake business. A few years after, she took her skills and embrace Madinat Jumeirah as the Resort Cake Artist.

Jade won silver medals in Salon Culinaire 2013, Gold Medals for Wedding and Sugar Showpiece in IKA Culinary Olympic in Germany. She is looking forward to joining more competitions again in the coming years. Last October 2017 she scooped the top prize in Milan Italy at the Cake Designers World Championship and few days after won as PRO Chef Speciality Pastry Chef of the Year in 2017. This 2018, she got the Caterer Pastry Chef of the Year award where she represents Madinat Jumeirah.

 Aside from the long list of incredible accomplishments, Jade continues to impress the world with her beautiful cakes, pastries, and entremets. If you want know more about chef Jade Saducas visit her on instagram at @chefjade or check out her online blog. Lets get to the Q&A. 

Q1:You have won many competitions; from Cake Designers World Championship to Caterer Pastry Chef of the Year Award.

Do you have any takeaways, memories, or advice that has stuck with you through these experiences? What was one of your favorite competitions you were able to compete in?

A: In terms of international competitions, if you want to win then be ready to sacrifice. Focus sharply, be very organized, plan way ahead, practice for a year and be open to others opinion and suggestions.

In general, we all have our dreams. Sometimes we are too scared to take the risk because of failure but if you want to succeed and live life to its fullest then "Keep fighting for your dreams! Success comes to those who never give up!"

One of my favorite competitions was the Cake Designer World Championship because it allowed me to show my skills to the world. It gave me an opportunity to bring prestige and honor to United Arab Emirates, to my country Philippines, to Emirates Culinary Guild, to Madinat Jumeirah and to Mr. Andy Cuthbert who entrusted to me the responsibility. 

Q2: The world of pastry can require very demanding hours; how often do you find time to enjoy your other hobbies such as photography and painting?

Do you have a favorite piece or shot you would mind sharing with us and our community?

A: For now I can describe the situation as 99.9% of my life is work. I rarely have time for my other hobbies and even for myself. If ever I will get a day off, I usually spend it at home enjoying my cup of coffee, my tea, read a good book, sleep more and enjoy my quiet time alone.

I have few favorite pieces, one is the Expedition Cake that made me win the Cake designer World Championship (pictured above), 2nd was the Game of Thrones Cake and 3rd was the butterfly that is made of 100% royal icing which took me 1 hour per wing. For the shot, its Louvre in France,  Radio City night street, St. Patricks Cathedral and Lower Antelope Canyon.

Q3: How did you transition from what most would consider a “desk job” into a career making cakes? Were you a financial analyst / accountant while pursuing your culinary schooling?

What adjustments or changes have you had to make in the past five years and how has your previous career helped you with what you are doing now?

A: The transition was not that difficult because my thirst for art was extreme. When I discovered that I can sculpt using fondant and I can express my artistic skills on cakes that's where everything started.

I used to be so crazy and foolish and a big risk taker. I fight for my passion and test my limits until I've achieved that highest mark. The major adjustment in chefs life is the stress level, it is physically demanding. I used to wear high heels and do my analytics in the corporate world but when I shifted to being a Chef, it is a very humbling job.

I had to step down, way way down and absorb my new environment. It is not an easy job,  one should be brave and strong enough to face all the challenges. You have to embrace your discomfort and learn to thrive amidst it all.  I'll quote this line from one of my fave movies "Fortune favors the bold!"

My past career helped me a lot in terms of interpreting numbers, spreadsheet works, communication skills and the speed in preparing any reports. It is necessary especially when you are a  senior chef. Multi tasking is a key!

Q4 *Potential Spoilers*: We took a deep dive on your Instagram and found an amazing Game of Thrones cake showing Daenerys riding a dragon.

Have you been keeping up with the series and do you have any predictions for this season? Who do you think will take the Iron Throne?

A: Since I moved to Dubai, I rarely watch the series. I used to watch it back home before it got so famous as me and my photographer friends always talk about it.

I even bought its complete set of books. As to your last question, I think Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron throne since he is Prince Rhaegar Targaryen's son. 

Q5: Do you have a secret weapon; an ingredient or technique you use that’s your go-to when it comes to creating your beautiful cakes?

What’s something you learned as the Pastry Chef of Madinat Jumeirah that you think would be beneficial for a home or professional baker?

A: No special ingredients, each ingredient plays a very important role. even how simple it is but if you know how to utilize its full potential then you can always create magic out of it. 

As a Pastry Chef, good management and organizational skills can help you pull it through.

Next is quality; it is a must to maintain it, despite volumes.

Third, speed, the ability to think and act fast despite extreme stress and pressure.

Finally, the most important patience and perseverance over all challenges.

Want to check out some more work from Chef Jade Saducas? Follow this link to visit her website; check out her blog, and get a glimpse of some of her photography. You can also find a great "Game Changers" Video featuring Chef Saducas below.

We wanted to thank Jade for taking the time to chat with us and answer some of our questions. Chef Jade's story isn't anything less than inspiring and just goes to show you that drive and passion can lead to great success. 

We can't wait to see what's in store for this very talented Cake Artist and hope to see her on the international stage again very soon! 

If you like Jade's story be sure to follow along and let us know what you think about her amazing work by commenting below.

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Dave Lerio
Dave Lerio

May 02, 2019

I knew this gal not quite long in our photography club – Cebu Images Camera Club but im so amused how passionate she was doing photoshoots. No wonder she excels in the cake & pastry magics. I love to see her photo exhibit in Dubai soon..

Michael Smith
Michael Smith

May 01, 2019

I’ve been following Chef Jade for a while now and her work is nothing short of incredible. Super talented and detailed, especially when it comes to painting. I cannot wait to check out her photography, I had no idea.

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