October 2018 Featured Chef: Saura Madani

September 30, 2018 3 min read


Clement Design® is known around the globe in the food industry. We not only take pride in providing premium quality chef jackets, but also in the chefs who wear our amazing brand. From outfitting executive & pastry chefs to high-end restaurants, resorts & clubs nationwide, we love to see success stories from our Clement Design chefs.

Featured this month is the very talented Saura Madani (Instagram: @sweetsaura). She is a pastry chef for Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group in Denver, CO and runs a personal blog. Saura has been cooking professionally for about 8 years and she “enjoys making sweet creations that push the limits of what a dessert can be.” Recently, Saura won 1st place in La Coupe d’Altamira wearing our high quality chef coats and sponsored by companies like Valrhona USA, Les Vergers Boiron, and Altamira Food.

We were able to speak to Saura about her recent victory and ask a few questions about her as a chef, her blog, and any future competition plans she has!

Q1: Why did you become a chef?

A: I decided to become a chef because I absolutely love food. I love making people happy with the perfect bite to eat. I leaned towards pastry because of the beauty in it. Making something taste as pretty as it looks is what I strive to do

Q2: You share some of your favorite recipe creations on your blog. Do you have any that stand out?

A: Yes! My most visited recipe that I’ve shared to date is my Homemade Butterfinger Bar. What can I say? People love nostalgic desserts.

Q3: What is the most rewarding part of your job at the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group?

A: I’d say the most rewarding part of my job is being given the freedom to create whatever I want. I design all the dessert menus for all 4 restaurants in our group plus custom menus for banquet events. It has taken years to get to the point where I am at, and Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group has provided me the resources in which I can continue to learn and grow in my craft.

Q4: How did you prepare for La Coupe d’Altamira and what are your plans for future competitions?

A: Lots of practice! And just a few sleepless nights! I was given the task of creating a plated dessert, bon bons, and a chocolate display showpiece. I wanted my flavors to really stand out, so I would practice the bon bons and give them out to my friends and family to critique. I think I’ve caught the competition bug! This was my second competition, and even though it’s a little stressful and scary, it is also such an adrenaline rush! I definitely plan on participating in any future competitions that I can.

Q5: What do you love about your Clement Design® gear?

A: It is so hard to find women's chef coats. Most of the ones out there are box cut-male designed coats that just fit women like a huge dress shirt. I love Clement Design because the coats for women are form fitting, flattering, breathable, and incredibly comfortable. My favorite style is Dolce, in which I have both black and white.

We wanted to extend our gratitude to Chef Saura Madani and congratulate her once again on her recent victory! You’ll all want to check out some of the amazing recipes on her blog and follow her on Instagram for a great behind-the-scenes look at her busy life!

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