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December 12, 2018 2 min read

We here at Clement Design USA have sponsored everything from Executive and Pastry Chefs to competitions like the World Cup of Pastry.

However, we love when we get to take part in a charitable cause.

We were recently contacted by The Rachael Ray Show to provide chef jackets for aging out of foster teens of CAKES4KIDSCLT.

Founded by Shneila Lee, CAKES4KIDSCLT works to create personalized cakes for children in foster care “so that their birthday doesn’t go unnoticed,” says Shneila. CAKES4KIDSCLT also teaches cake decorating classes to foster children and aging out of foster teens providing them with life skills and job potential.

Being a foster child herself, Shneila was introduced to cake decorating by a local  writer for the newspaper when she saw an article about aging out of foster teens, one specifically involving Shneila.

This writer, Karen Sullivan, wanted to offer more than just give money to the teen, she wanted to give her life skills.

Karen invited Shneila to a cake decorating class and the rest is history.

Following a few classes Shneila was able to get a job decorating cakes at a local grocery store making way above minimum wage, because cake decorating is considered a specialized skill.

The two lost touch and were recently reunited when an article covering the amazing organization caught Karen’s attention.

This in turn caught the attention of The Rachael Ray Show and to surprise the two, “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro popped in for a visit.

Buddy was able to give the teens a few pointers when it comes to cakes and show them skills they can carry on with them for the rest of their lives (nothing beats a class taught by the “Cake Boss” himself).

Tune into the video below to see the amazing day Shneila, Buddy, Karen, and the teens had together and visit CAKES4KIDSCLT to find out how you can get involved with this amazing organization.

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