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June 01, 2022 1 min read

EXPLORE OUR TECHNOLOGY: Each number in the image below is associated with a feature or technology available in our ADHERA line.


  1. Exclusive SSR Grip Slip-Resistant and Oil Resistant non-marking Rubber Contact Outsole
  2. Textile Comfort Sole
  3. Comfortable Midsoles
  4. EVA 'Shock Absorber' Heel
  5. Water Resistant Materials
  6. Steel & Composite Safety Shoes

1. The SSR Grip and Slip-Resistant Rubber Contact Outsoles are designed and created for safer steps in slippery environments. Our ADHERA® outsoles are rated the highest gripping soles in the chef industry, offering extreme grip in a slippery kitchen against both liquids and oils. 

2. Our insoles are resistant to repeated friction and also offer water wicking Coolmax® technology to keep your feet dry. This means your shoes will last longer and keep your feet dry if you tend to sweat a lot during a long shift.

3. Our midsoles provide enhanced comfort for when you're on your feet for multiple hours. Various shoe styles offer a removable, antibacterial midsole. 

4. Low impact technology helps to provide comfort, support, and stability for long work days.

5. Our materials provide various degrees of water-resistant protection to fit your job needs. This includes resistance against hot liquids. 

6. Shoes and clogs are designed according to standard EN 20347 O + E SRC. The composite 'steel toe' tips offer protection against impacts equivalent of up to 200J and against crushing under a load of at least 15kn. 

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