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July 11, 2019 8 min read

There it is, the perfect chef jacket; you love the look, style, and material. You purchase and receive it in a few days; low and behold, it’s comparable to wearing a trash bag. Your new jacket is heavy, sagging, and sits on your shoulders like a bag of potatoes. The chef jacket you thought was your perfect match has left you feeling empty inside.

This is a common occurrence when shopping for chef jackets online, you’ll often find the perfect look, however the cut is not up to par. Working in a kitchen is not less inglorious than working in an office. They might be considered Different playgrounds however they both present the same purpose; to give the best of yourself. It's known fact that outfits reflect personality and even more for chefs in that they reflect their cuisines which is why we produce chef styles for everyone.

We at Clement Design strive to make baggy jackets an issue you won’t have to deal with again. Design is in our name for a reason, and with that comes form design perfect for men and women alike. Fitted clothing is made specifically for you. You'd typically go to a tailor to have clothing custom fitted, this is somewhat unheard of in the chef industry, so we’ve created jackets with form and body in mind. For women; larger bust and slimmer abdominal area creates a cinching effect which means your clothes won’t sit baggy on your body. This gives you a slimmer silhouette and helps create a cleaner line when wearing your jackets.

Not only does fitted clothing have a history of looking more professional, but it simply provides a sleeker, more modern edge and appears flattering on a greater range of body types. Granted, fitted clothing isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, there are of course, pros and cons of almost everything. Let’s look at some of the reasons you may or may not want to purchase a fitted chef jacket.


Baggy Jackets: The Cons 

The fine line between oversized and baggy

There is a general confusion between clothing or jackets that have been designed to be intentionally baggy, and oversized. By opting for a larger size as opposed to jackets that are cut to be baggy, you may find yourself wearing jackets that simply do not fit well. This can defeat the purpose of a baggy jacket and will often result in an unflattering fit.

Compatibility with body shapes

Many people generally believe baggy clothes are more flattering to curvier frames, given they are masking a person’s frame. However, this is incorrect. Baggy clothing can accentuate curves the wearers might otherwise like to mask

The right fit

Quality of baggy jackets can vary according to manufacturers and supplies, finding the right fit for a baggy jacket can be a challenge. Maintaining that fit across different brands can be nearly impossible

Incompatible with other styles

Baggy jackets will work best with other clothes that match that style. When worn alongside other chef clothing that might not match the style, they can easily look incompatible meaning that baggy might not be as flexible of a wear as fitted clothing. This, of course, may not be important to some and may be important to others. It is you who determines what and how you’d like to look in the kitchen or when cooking. How you look might not even be important to you, consider Clement Design for its superior quality, customization options, and customer service.

Baggy can be dangerous

Accidents can happen in an instant, especially in a busy kitchen with multiple people focused on what they are creating. Unfortunately, baggy clothing makes it easier to snag something, this can lead to tears or even worse, injury. On the other side, baggy clothes that aren’t tight on your body may offer a bit more protection to hot splashing liquid, but that may also depend on the quality of the material used.


Baggy Jackets: The Pros

In recent years baggy clothing have had a sort of revival in terms of popularity. Baggy looks can be fashionable and have become a key part of street fashion styles in recent years. Then again, you’re in a kitchen, if you have to step out into the service area you surely want to look as professional a possible. Say perhaps, you work as a private chef and want to present yourself as a professional, baggy might not be the look for you. Let’s look at all the pros of baggy jackets and why they may be the choice for you.


This may be the highest on the list, baggy clothing is often considered ‘the more comfortable option’. Flowing freely and fitting loosely around the body allow for ventilation and cool air to pass over your skin – baggy can be the perfect option for warm weather or a hot kitchen. In addition, baggy clothing might offer more movement and wider range of motion which can be ideal for a kitchen setting. Baggy is also often attributed to a more casual style which may be what you prefer.

Ideal for warm weather

This is a given, and we touched on it lightly in comfort, because yes, those two go hand in hand. If you aren’t drenched in sweat, you’re probably more comfortable. Given that baggy clothing doesn’t cling closely to the body it allows ventilation and airflow. Baggy can be the perfect option for the summer months.

A good option for mass use

Baggy jackets might be the perfect option when ordering bulk for a large kitchen where sizing might not be exact. This gives you a greater range of size that will fit a wider range of wearers compared to a fitted jacket.


Fitted Jackets: The Cons

A hot kitchen

Depending on the color and material of a fitted jacket it can sometime be susceptible to showing sweat patches in a hot kitchen or environment. This can be unflattering and make a fitted jacket not quite the best option if you are ever visiting customers in the service area. Fortunately, Clement Design has developed DRYUP and HYBRID materials and jackets. These patented materials offer sweat wicking options and lightweight materials that are perfect for a hot environment.


Tight jackets can look trim and show off a person’s figure. They represent someone who has put some consideration into the way their jacket affects the way they appear. With that said, they can occasionally feel as though they restrict some movement of a person when compared to a baggier fit jacket. Fortunately, we develop our chef jackets with a polycotton blend or our HYBRID jersey mesh material. This offers a fitted look with the movement of a baggier jacket.

Hard to find fits

Depending on the wearer’s body type, it may be difficult to find a fitted shirt with a natural fit. At Clement Design we are happy to carry a wide range of sizes of all chef jackets from size XS to 6XL.

Not always the best for corporate giveaways

Given that fitted jackets can generally be more difficult to fit properly, it can be a risky choice to opt for fitted as a go-top option for mass use, such as corporate events, large kitchen orders, or even giveaways. Clement Design offers a sample program that will put all that unrest at ease. Order a jacket, try it for the fit, if it doesn’t quite work, send it back with a note and we’ll get a new one sent out as soon as possible. When in doubt, however, go a size up. Based on French frames and sizes we will often find that jackets tend to run a bit smaller then what we are used to here in America. Remember, our jackets our manufactured in France by Designers who base cuts on European frames. Need to try a variety of samples? No worries, we will take care of the shipping, just give us a call or email us.


Fitted Jackets: The Pros

Modern and Fashionable

Over recent years, the loose fit jacket has transformed into a tighter fit that hugs the body more closely. This not only matches the style of corporate America, who you’ll often find looking very professional in fitted tops and jackets, but it will accentuate form and even feel more professional.

A great fit for stockier frames

Finding a good fit can sometimes be a true challenge. Given the popularity and ubiquity of jackets, however, finding a great-fitting jacket can be easier. By following our size guide when you find the perfect fitted jacket that toes the line between too tight and too loose you’ve added the perfect piece of clothing to your collection.   

Perfect for a busy kitchen

Baggy is snaggy. You don’t want your jacket constantly hanging over your prep table, getting in the way or potentially snagging on hazards in the kitchen. A fitted jacket that offers flexibility but stays tight to your body is ideal for a busy kitchen.

Flexible (in terms of fashion)

Fitted jackets can be a staple of any solid wardrobe and can be worn alongside practically any other type of clothing in your collection. We’ve had chefs wear their jackets under suits after cooking at events and look stunning.

Flexible (in terms of context)

As stated above you can wear fitted jackets with almost anything. Perfect for casual kitchens but also for professional environments when you need to look your best. You don’t want to show up to a private event where you’re constantly interacting with guests in a baggy oversized jacket. You may be perceived as un-professional based on the style chosen.

Wide variety of cuts

When compared to baggier counterparts, fitted jackets offer a wider range of cuts. Long-sleeve jackets look stunning when fitted and we offer multiple collar styles and material options for our range of jackets.



Whether focused on how you present yourself or if you’re just looking for a comfortable fit, Clement Design is sure to have what you’re looking for. You may consider some of the above information or just choose to go with what you feel most comfortable in. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how you present yourself as long as you are happy and comfortable with what you choose.

Clement Design is proud to provide fitted options for those who want to work and present themselves in a more modern and professional manner. We also produce baggier option chef jackets for those who want to go a more comfortable non restricting route.

We work alongside chefs to develop jackets that meet the needs of everyone. Our high-quality fabrics, patented technology, and customization options offer premium jackets to chefs across the world. However, price may be an issue when weighing options for purchasing a new jacket.

Consider that when you choose Clement Design you are talking to real people who are processing, embroidering, and shipping your order. No third parties, no bots, no putting you second to anyone else. We take pride in the work we do and love who we work with.

Quality over quantity. When you order a jacket and check the tag it says, “Made in EU” This means that you are getting the highest quality of manufacturing practices and materials. Our jackets are produced in the culinary center of the most gastronomic country in the world. Chefs have told us they’ve been wearing the same Clement Design jackets for 8+ years.

Consider joining our newsletter for information on our latest deals, new items, and information on our featured chef Q&A. We don’t like spam and that isn’t part of our practices. Remember, we are real people just like you. If you have any questions, want to know more about our fitted jackets, or just want to try out one before you buy contact us today, we’d love to get to know you!


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