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August 22, 2018 3 min read

Clement Design is instantly recognized worldwide as the symbol of those in the top of their profession, the chef coat and chef jacket is not just a designation of your status, it is also a highly functional piece of clothing. With over three chef coat and chef jacket technology patents ranging from our CYOU to our HYBRID and DRY-UP Technology, we are sure to have a jacket or coat that will meet the needs of any chef.

From luxurious comfort to premium quality, we have created our clothing with the chef in mind and offer some of the best chef uniform design available. Whether your goal is effortless movement, extraordinary comfort, or a stylish and modern design, Clement Design USA offers the right chef jacket for any situation.

Our goal has always been to create a breathable, sturdy, and reliable chef jacket that will let you thrive in the kitchen. Our jackets are created using a polyester and cotton combination as the framework. This is essential for producing a sturdy, protective chef uniform that can stand up to the test of time and protect you from hot liquids and foods. Every single chef jacket is assembled in Europe using a high quality two-ply thread. This is a key in the production process as most other companies import their assembled jackets from other countries. "MADE IN UE" is on every Clement Design tag and it means you're getting quality standards and practices, durable well-made materials, and the best chef jackets in the world.

Our Multiple Chef Lines boast collar variations, side slits for coolness, jersey mesh material, openwork fabric, and hybrid technology. If you are looking for a lightweight, breathable, modern chef jacket, you are in the right place.

One of our most popular lines, our CYOU custom chef coats and custom chef jackets lets you personalize your coat with a colored piping or trim along various edges and seams. This means you have the power to customize your next chef coat or chef jacket. We offer a wide variety of CYOU colors and over 200 embroidery color options. CYOU chef jacket customization lets you create a unique jacket that represents who you are and what you do. Over 30 different styles of chef jackets and colors are available for CYOU customization. These options range from our most popular men's FIRENZE chef jacket to our women's SIENNE chef jacket.


(Featured is our SIENNE women's chef jacket on chef Melissa Coppel who was recently featured in the New York Times)

HYBRID wear concept brings together several high-quality fabrics and combines them into one lightweight chef jacket. The base layer is a perfect blend of polyester and cotton warp and woof, this is all accented throughout with the breathability and highly technical comfort of a jersey mesh material. The mesh jersey fabric has been specifically developed by Clement Design for professional use: the cotton inside for optimal skin contact comfort, and the tightly woven polyester outside for color longevity and an impeccable fit. Wrap this all together and you have a modern, durable, and lightweight breathable chef jacket.


(Featured is our ZEST men's chef jacket worn by chef Stavros Karipides)

DRY-UP Technology is a combination of three materials

1. An intelligent fiber that regulates the body temperature to evacuate transpiration.

2. An openwork fabric that optimizes air circulation

3. A last generation poly cotton that provides structure

This combination creates the ideal high-quality chef coat if you work in a warm environment, are an active chef, or simply want to enjoy the comfort of a moisture wicking fabric. If this information isn't proof enough, watch the video below to see the Intelligent Fiber in action. 


All of our coats and jackets are sure to please the most discriminating chefs by providing comfort, protection, breathability, durability and freedom of movement. This however, isn't just limited to our jackets and coats, all of our products are assembled using high-quality materials and made with chefs in mind: like our ADHERA shoes selection. The best restaurants feature the best chefs, and the best chefs deserve the best chef coats. Our chef coats and chef jackets will give you the freedom of movement and functionality you need while also providing the stylish design and durability you deserve. 

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Jim custer
Jim custer

January 30, 2019

Want black short sleeve European shirt/chef jacket with embroidery.

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