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May 07, 2018 1 min read

The Most Gripping Footwear In The World

*On greasy or wet floors*

 ADHERA includes various styles of different footwear, each one of them is the result of research & development in terms of material & design. Thus, the VIPER upper which is made out of carbon tex, gives the shoe a sublime look while providing great resistance at the same time.

While designing  the ADHERA line, we sought to optomize comfort. Innovative industrial processes have allowed us to diminish the weight of the sole by 20% in order to make walking and standing more comfortable. Special care was equally put into the conception of the shoe lining.


Due to the composition of the slip resistant ADHERA sole, it is unique on the market of technological soles. According to the European standard SRB tests at the CTC (technical leather center), the adhesion obtained for this sole on a glycerin covered steel surface, is 50% higher in comparison to its competitors. The slip resistant ADHERA sole does not smudge the floor.

The ADHERA sole has so far obtained the highest coefficient of adhesion ever seen on the market (0.69) according to the tests ran by the CTC (technical leather center) / standard ISO 20345. More specifically this means that with these soles you can actually climb an oil covered slide without slipping.

Clement Design USA offers multiple styles of ADHERA Chef Shoes, be sure to check yours out today! Call us for any questions or concerns regarding ADHERA Chef Shoes. 

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