Dry UpⓇ Technology (And Why You Need It)!

April 24, 2018 2 min read

If you don't know about Clement Design, we are a world leader in innovation when it comes to our chef apparel especially our chef jackets & chef pants. Clement Design holds many patents across our numerous types of chef wear. One of which is our international patent for our "DRY UP® TECHNOLOGY." So what exactly is this technology, and what makes it so special? 



DRY UP® TECHNOLOGY is a combination of three different materials. These three materials, combine to form one amazing jacket We like to think of how good they look and feel is an added bonus to how well they perform. If you are looking for a lightweight professional chef jacket check out our full selection of men's jackets.

Lying along the inside layer of our dry-up jacket is an intelligent fiber that adjusts with body temperature to evacuate transpiration. This means you aren't stewing in your own sweat, while you prep, cook, and plate your amazing dishes. We understand how hard our chefs work, and a breathable layer for your hot kitchens is something we know you all deserve.

Based on the side of the jacket we see an openwork fabric that optimizes air circulation. This technology lets your body breathe even more by letting cool air circulate throughout your jacket while you're working hard. If you've felt a cool breeze while sweating profusely, this will be what you experience in one of our DRY-UP JACKETS (and yes, we know how amazing that feels). It's almost like wearable thermoregulation, our jackets will help keep your body temperatures within certain boundaries, least, it will feel like it is. 

Tying these two materials together is our patented last generation poly cotton. This material provides structure to your jacket while giving it that expensive feel and great look without breaking the bank. We all know you could spend 130 dollars on one of our jackets; but if you're looking to save some cash, want a breathable jacket, and don't mind wearing what some of the top pastry and executive chefs in the world wear. You might be interested in trying out Clement Design USA Dry-Up Jackets.


As always Clement Design USA offers some of the best personalized chef jackets on the market. Our products are worn by; executive chefs, pastry chefs, sous chefs, private and event chefs, you name it. We pride ourselves in our amazing customer service and work very hard to embroider and send your chef jacket the day it is ordered either online or through phone. Through constant communication, we guarantee satisfaction when you order Clement Design USA. 

If you are interested in seeing all of the types dry up jackets we offer, click here!

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