non-slip overshoes for chefs and kitchens
slip on overshoes for chefs and kitchen work
OVERSHOES protective non-slip shoe covers
OVERSHOES Chef's protective shoe covers - Clement Design USA


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OVERSHOES - Slip Resistant Overshoes

French Chef  Overshoes shoe covers. Slip resistant SSR sole for the most gripping overshoe in the world.  Anti-soiling tread for long lasting easy maintenance. Black sole does not mark floor. Machine washable. Available in black in  sizes XXS-XXL. See size chart for conversion.

Includes FULL 2.0 GRIP SSR technology with the highest grip coefficient ever obtained. This means you could climb a slide covered in oil without slipping.

Overshoes are part of the TSAR collection.

Taking Your Measurements

Determine your size for Clement Design® apparel using the following measurement charts. Before ordering, take careful measurements and consult the charts below to order the correct size, as sizing varies for different manufacturers. This Size Chart is only a guide. We invite you to call us first if you have any questions regarding size.

Take measurements directly over your undergarments. Be sure the measuring tape is tense, but not tight.

  • Sleeve: Always measure sleeve length with your arm slightly bent. Start measuring at the top curve of your shoulder and measure to your elbow and wrist.
  • Shoulders: Measure across your collarbone, touching the top of your shoulders.
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